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What is this page all about?

This page is a collection of things that I have found interesting.

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My bookshelf

The British novelist Christopher Fowler once remarked that “If you want to know someone, look at their bookshelves.” In a similar vein, Peter Knox writes quite wonderfully in The Guardian that “only a bookshelf can truly hold a reader’s history and future at the same time, while the present is usually found in a bookbag or on a nightstand nearby.” So revealing is one’s taste in books that even Joseph Stalin’s choice of tomes has recently been under extensive scholarly examination. As such, I have decided to participate in the dangerously revealing task of sharing a picture of my own collection (which is always growing!). Some of my personal favorites include Alexander Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin, the Anglo-Norman epic The Song of Roland, and Euripides’ Alcestis.


Eleemosynary things